12 Weeks To Get Fit & Healthy For Christmas PT & Nutrition Package

Updated: Mar 15, 2021


FREE!!! 45min Consultation FREE!!! TWO Weeks PT & NUTRITION FREE!!! Fitness Gift SAVE!!! Up to $800!!!

12 Weeks is Plenty of Time to:

Create Healthy Habits Make Sustainable Lifestyle Changes Loose Fat Tone Muscle Create Maintainable Results Increase Wellness Improve Sleep Increase Fitness Increase Energy Reduce Stress Reduce Inflammation & Bloating Reverse Dis-ease FEEL AMAZING

12 Week Package Includes:

12 Weeks + 2 Free 45min Consultation In-depth Health & Lifestyle Screening Measurements Before Photos 2 x 30min or 45min PT Sessions/Week Personalised Nutrition Plan Weekly Online Check Ins Fortnightly In Studio Check Ins POA

All SHR Plans and Programs are 100% Personalised to help you reach your goals. Using our 100% Holistic Approach taking into account your current Lifestyle, Commitments, Likes, Dislikes, Abilities, Injury's, Fitness, Illness We help you create a Healthy Sustainable and Maintainable Lifestyle. No Crazy Exercise Regimes No Crazy Fad Low Calorie Diets

Why should you work with Holly

30+yrs Experience Qualified PT & Group Instructor Qualified Nutritionist/Advanced Nutrition Qualified Life & Weight Management Coach Qualified Pilates Instructor Fully Equipped Private Gym Studio Child Friendly Studio (This offer is strictly valid up to and including Saturday 10 October no exceptions!! Spaces are Limited to Availability Get in Touch Today to Reverse Your Preferred Times

T& C’s apply: payment required to reserve your space Consultation and Sessions can be booked from Monday 12th October PT Sessions must be used by 31.03.2020)

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