Joanie Pickering 

I’ve been training with Holly for 2 years now in a group session. I’ve really enjoyed the variety and challenge that Holly has put into the sessions.

She definitely keeps it fun and entertaining while challenging us to do the best that we can.


Maddie Whiting 

Initially wanted to do a bikini competition but before we got into anything serious I started doing some sessions with Holly and followed a personalised training programme. My strength increased and I was really enjoying the gym! Holly is professional, kind and is really invested in your progress and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone interested in wanting to get strong and learn how to train properly❤️❤️


Katie Hodgson

Holly is amazing!!! She knows her stuff but gives attention to the small things!! Could not recommend her enough!


Laura Sung 

Holly is by far the best PT I have ever had. After a hard day at work, I look forward to my sessions as I not only de-stress but she also pushes me to my max and I leave feeling amazing and truly inspired. My sessions with her are always fun and is like hanging out with a girlfriend. I am happy with my results so far and looking forward to what next year will bring 💪🏼


Jeanette North 

Really enjoyed my training sessions with Holly as I was lucky enough to win a 6 week body transformation! I'm well on my way to reaching my goals. The nutritional plan was simple & achievable too. I will be continuing to work with Holly as she is effective and very knowledgeable. Don't hesitate to give her a call about your own goals too.


Dawn Manning Hewitt

Holly will kick your ass into shape! Lots of fun and kid friendly gym 🙂 When you moan & groan she‘ll push you more!



Lisa Robinson

Well Holly might make you work hard and you pray for it to stop!! - but seriously you can walk into her class in the most stressed out mood ever after a difficult day in the office but after her work out you end up leaving on a major high - strange but true - the power of exercise shouldn't never be underestimated 🤣


Haylie Buxton

I miss ya face Hol!!!! xx must come back soon xx


I feel so lucky to have had Holly be my coach for my first IFBB show and nationals. She was always there for me to answer questions and give me much needed encouragement and support throughout the whole process. Furthermore, having my best interest in mind, she got my body in the best shape possible for the competitions, helping me feel confident on stage, even against girls who had years of experience behind them.



With the support of Holly, I have also been able to learn how much my body is capable of, especially in regards to food and to not be afraid to eat more! I am very grateful to have had such a caring, honest  and knowledgeable coach throughout my 22 week journey, thank you for everything you have done for me Holly! 


When I first came to Holly I had some fairly specific goals I wanted to achieve and after our first meeting I knew that she would be able to guide me on how to get there. After struggling on my own for so long with various diets, exercises and never getting anywhere, it didn’t take long to see results from following the personalized plans she created for me.


Holly is extremely knowledgeable in all health and fitness areas and she will tell you exactly what you need to do to reach your goals, the smallest adjustments which you think are inconsequential can make a massive difference! I’m so grateful to Holly and her incredible support throughout my entire prep and in the months afterwards also.


I can highly recommend Holly for any goal you want to achieve no matter how big or small! You will not find a more supportive, understanding and knowledgeable trainer who will go the extra mile for you like Holly did for me.


I started working with Holly beginning of 2018 as I wanted to try something new in regards to my training. Working towards my goal of competing in the NZIFBB. These last 9 months have been an amazing journey during which Holly has  given me the most amazing support and guidance I could have hoped for.


The training and nutrition plans really suited me and she adjusted it to my needs and body where needed which made this prep so much easier. Holly always has my best interest at heart and, next to training and nutrition,  looked after my mental and hormonal health as well. She is very invested in her clients and she truly cares. Her constant guidance and support 24/7 while being a mum, going through career changes and dealing with some health issues herself is amazing and I am truly grateful for her. 


Thanks to the most amazing and inspiring trainer Holly. Not just a trainer but a good friend who makes training enjoyable and fun, not like a daunting task.

With under a year to go till my wedding, I decided that although I did not have a weight issue, I felt I could tone up, look fresher and tighten up a few areas.   Holly made it possible for my goals to be achieved. With a full diet change, and seeing her 3 x times a week she soon transformed me to be the proud and confident bride I wished to be.

With little actual weight loss, I dropped quite a few centre metres off various areas of my body, which friends and family soon noticed.

Holly supported me and believed in me through the whole preparation for the big day.

So thank you Holly, you truly are amazing!


Thank you for your help on my weight loss journey this year ready for my wedding.


After hitting 40 weight loss seems to be harder to achieve and I was just about to start giving up. Then you took all that I had learnt about weight loss and turned it on its head. A new way of dieting, exercising and finding a plan that worked with my hectic lifestyle.


A plan that works with the mind, habits and lifestyle. A mindset change and just knowing that you are there to help when I have a weak moment and then when we catch up for weigh in and measure, 12cm in 2 months... it was such an ecstatic feeling!


Holly has been my personal trainer for 3 months now. I was referred to Holly by a good friend and understand that Holly is excellent in tailoring fitness regime and nutrition for efficient and effective body transformation. As a bodybuilder herself, Holly has a wealth of knowledge and experience in preparing for bodybuilding competitions . During these 3 months, Holly has shown me her amazing attributes and her passion towards health and fitness  and especially women's health and fitness. She has also shown me her willingness to ensure that my personal fitness goals are achieved. I have thoroughly enjoyed my workouts with Holly and highly recommend her without reservation.


I've been working with Holly for over 2 years and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Holly is passionate about fitness and she works with the whole person -- mentally, emotionally and physically. It shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I never feel so good as I do after a session with Holly. My energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely, I've found my muscles, lost weight and feel good about myself! If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Holly will lead you every step of the way.

Thank you Holly, you are the best!



Massive thank you to this amazing lady! Holly, your coaching and support over the past 10 months has been incredible.  All of my training and nutrition was on point and I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. It has been a true transformation of mind, body and soul and I’m so grateful to have you in my corner Xxx


I’m so grateful I was in such good hands this prep! For me a coach is not someone who just sends you diet plans but someone who supports you and looks after you as much as Holly did.  Not only did she message me every day to check up on me and motivate me but she arrived to the venue just as early as I did and stayed there all day to look after me as well as bringing me dumbbells, makeup, tan touch up and so on. Having someone this supportive made prep and competition day so much easier and enjoyable for me.  This week Holly and I will be coming up with a game plan for NZIFBB Nationals.


Thank you Holly for helping me realise a goal of competing on stage at NZIFBB. The prep was hard work but we got there and your support was amazing. Next time we are going for gold!


Lacking the motivation to consistently train I enlisted Holly’s expertise and have loved every minute of it. Holly is flexible, adaptable, fantastic to have a laugh with and most importantly knows how to push you through a workout enjoyably. The varying exercises that Holly used within a session to target different muscle groups meant every session had new challenges and left me feeling invigorated. Holly also saw me through my recent pregnancy. She seamlessly altered my workouts to suit my ever expanding belly and as a result I was able to train right up until a week before I gave birth. The exercises we did were specific for pregnancy and helped me build strength in muscles crucial for carrying a baby so I never felt the weight of my baby in my back. I would recommend Holly to anyone and thank her for all that she has done for me. Holly you’re amazing at what you do!


Such a great journey has come to an end….And I need to say a huge thank you to Holly who coached me.

Holly made sure my Training and Nutrition was on point for NZIFBB Auckland Champs 2015 and NZIFBB Nationals 2015. Holly is such an inspiration, after having a hip replacement earlier in the year, supporting me through my comps at the same time as tackling her own challenge of recovering from surgery and then getting on stage, but still with me every step of the way. Thank you, doesn’t begin to say how grateful I am. You are amazing.


“I engaged the services of Holly Roberson as a personal trainer and advisor.  I was facing knee replacement surgery, so on the advice of my specialist, sought someone who could help me with strengthening exercises.  Holly went above and beyond.  She ensured that everything as done safely and was willing to research other options that could also assist.  Holly was so supportive as well as holding me to account to keep up the activities. I would recommend Holly to anyone - she understands the real you, and really cares about your success and your journey.  She is an amazing and inspirational woman”.


Before I started training with Holly I felt really self conscious and had no self confidence in the gym.  Holly made me feel at ease in the gym and all my worries disappeared when ever we were training.  She not only helped my physically but mentally as well.  I always left the gym feeling like I had been pushed hard and I had put in my all.  It wasn't long before I was feeling stronger and saw the difference in myself.  Holly is amazing, if you want to find a program that really helps with fat loss and has a personal yet professional touch then get in touch with Holly.  Would highly recommend! 


I started with holly way back in August 2014, I had just come back from a holiday and wanted to get fit, I had never really lifted a weight at all, she introduced me to my new hobbie and complete passion!

The gym is now my lifestyle! Not only was she my trainer but my good friend! We fought our way through comp prep together and I owe a 15kg weight loss almost completely to her! One of the most amazing ladies I know!!


"You know all those flyers you receive in the letter box …. well I kept the one from Why Weight as I liked the look of Weight Loss Coaching – the one on one approach.  

I have tried many diets over the years and although I wasn’t extremely overweight I wasn’t happy with myself.  I phoned Holly when I was in the right head space and ready to take on the challenge. She came to my home and we talked about what it would involve - exercise, coaching and nutrition.  As Holly is a Pilates instructor I chose to do ½ an hour of that each visit, then we went over my food diary from the previous week and then talked about the emotional issues that could be obstructing or causing my weight problem.

I immediately started to lose weight and without going on a diet as such, just cutting out ‘extras’, ‘habit’ food and drinks and making a few other changes.  I found the life coaching most beneficial, just having someone to talk with who had no personal connection to me.

Holly is a truly caring and understanding person, most professional in her approach and the outcome for me was exciting.  I have found the entire programme amazing and would recommend it to anyone looking for a programme that will ensure Lasting Weight Loss."