2018 - the year in reflection

What an incredible year 2018 has been, so many twists and turns and unexpected changes. So much growth and progress and so many amazing new friends and clients!

The year didn't start out so great, as my health took a turn for the worse, thing with type1 diabetes is though, that it is a slow decline that your body and mind gradually get used. Being the tough cookie that I am, I pushed through, day after day of painful day feeling exhausted, suffering from brain fog and feeling constantly unwell and off form. I pushed my body prepping for NZIFBB ProAm in March, chasing my Pro Card dream, but having to pull out two weeks before the show date because things just didn't feel right. I was unaware, at the time, just how much my health had deteriorated and how much things were 'not right'

A few weeks after that I made another monumental decision to leave my dream job as a Les Mills Trainer to work solely from my Private Studio in Orewa and regain my health.

I am not one to feel sorry for myself for long, but there definitely a few very dark months while I made some massive changes and shifts both mentally and physically.

Fast forward to December 2018 and things have changed massively for the better.

Studio Holly Roberson is busy with new and old clients, so many achieving their goals and experiencing the gift of endorphins from exercise. It is such a joy to see clients leave full of energy and excited for life.

Being part of the Hibiscus Coast Community was a big part of my vision and that has become reality as I teamed up with some local Orewa, Silverdale and Millwater businesses to bring the joy of Christmas giving to my lucky clients.

I have had the pleasure of being interviewed for the Coppuccino Podcast and am happy be able to give back to the Community in the New Year with a special project I will be working on with Bryan and Bobby . More about that soon.

I am super grateful to everyone who has been a part of my journey this year. Every experience and every person has been a catalyst to putting me on this path.

Thank you to my clients and friends who have supported me.

I am so excited for 2019. There is so much in the planning. Lots of good changes and great things to come, all with the intention of helping you reach your health and fitness goals.

All the best wishes for Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year xxx

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