Are You Eating Enough??

Getting and staying in shape is so much more than how we look....

Its how we eat, move, think, feel, sleep and function...finding the correct balance of Food, Activity, Mindfulness, Sleep, Work etc that helps you become and maintain the best possible version of you.

To get that Balance fine tuned is a puzzle... What you are eating is the biggest piece of that puzzle, without correct Nutrition our bodies lack the fuel they need to function optimally.

A well maintained Metabolism is a wonderful asset and makes Weight Loss enjoyable as results show for your hard work. A sluggish metabolism is the pits, making weight loss a hard slog and returns little to no results for all your sacrifices.

Most clients I see are not eating enough!!!

What if I told you an active female in her 30's and into her 50's should be eating at least 1800 calories per day just to maintain bodily functions... but, in an attempt, usually over decades, to loose the fat, most of us have tried eating less and less and working out harder and more often....this only serves to depress metabolism, increase stress and reduce energy.

The process to restoring a healthy metabolism is, sometimes, long and it won't be easy but it will defiantly be worth it.

Imagine, feeling strong, full of energy and be able to sculpt and tone your body and drop fat or gain muscle easily.

These are some symptoms of chronic under feeding: Never Feeling Hungry Poor Sleep Weight Gain Unable to Loose Weight Low Energy Low Libido Hair Loss Low Mood Always Feeling Hungry Always Feeling Cold Depressed Immune System (getting sick often)

Peri Menopause Systems

Could this be you? Are ready to achieve your goals and live your best life.. Every Body is different which is why all of my plans and programs are 100% Personalised

Get in Touch via the Contact Form and get started today xx

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