Home Workout Equipment Must-haves

You don't need a lot of equipment to get a great workout at home or when you are travelling

Here are some of my must-haves. You can all of them or some of them...with a little bit of creativity, you can get a sweat on

Booty Band

Tube Band with Handles

Swiss Ball

Low Step or Bench

Yoga Mat

Whole Body Workout for Home or Travelling

25 x Mountain Climbers (Body weight @leg))

15 x Down/Ups (Body weight) Squat down to touch the floor, jump up and reach hands to ceiling

15 x Step Ups (@leg)

15 x Swiss Ball Hip Thrusts with Booty Band

10 x Crab Walks with Booty Band

10 x Raised Split Lunges (@leg)

10 x Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls

15 x Swiss Ball Crunches

50 x High Running Knees (@leg)

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