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Pilates for A Strong Core

Pilates Scissors - Lying on back, core engaged, back imprinted into mat, straight legs to the ceiling, lift head and shoulders off floor, chin to chest, reach up with both hands and hold calve of one leg, keeping legs straight, pull the leg you are holding towards you and drop the other leg towards the floor, making sure to keep back in contact with the floor

Penguins - lying on back, lift head and shoulders off floor, engage core, bend legs, feet flat on the floor at shoulder width, arms straight by sides, reach hand towards foot and repeat other side

Double Leg Lowering - Lying on back, head and shoulders off floor, head resting in hands, both legs straight, too ceiling, engage core, imprint spine, slowly drop both legs to the point you feel your back wanting to lift, quickly return legs to starting position.

Side Plank - Knees in line with hips and hand under shoulder, lift hips to the ceiling, engage core, hold for 30-60 seconds. Repeat for other side.

Safety: If at any time you feel pain in lower back, stop and reset, making sure core is engaged, tummy button pulled towards back. If pain persists, stop.

Check with your health professional if pregnant.



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