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As your Personal Trainer I am passionate about you achieving your goals and I will work closely with you keeping you accountable and ensuring we are on the right path to get you to your end goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I don’t promise it will be easy, but I can guarantee that, with the correct information and if you follow my guidance you will achieve your goals.

Your training sessions are tailor-made to suit your needs, fitness abilities, time you have to achieve your goals, life-style, injury’s, strengths and weaknesses and your personal circumstances.


Tailor-made Nutrition plans designed to help you reach your goals, safely, and  in the desired amount of time.  


The correct Nutrition can help with the following Weight Loss, Dis-ease prevention, Reversing and management of  illnesses & conditions including, but not limited to Type2 Diabetes/Hashimotos/PCOS/High Blood Pressure/Stress/Peri-Menopause​

An in-depth Consultation will help me create the best possible diet plan for you, taking into account all factors regarding your life-style, your likes and dislikes and allergies or intolerances. I will suggest supplements, vitamins and minerals that I feel will be of beneficial to you achieving your goals and maintaining optimum health and energy levels.

There is no one-size fits all diet, everyone's needs and circumstances are different and require attention to the details.


Complete Pre to Post Comp-Prep

Training and preparing for a Bikini or Figure Competition is one of the biggest challenges you can ask of your body and mind.  It is a grueling but extremely rewarding journey. One you will never forget and that will leave you in awe of what you are capable of, mentally and physically.

I have first hand experience of the ups and downs that is comp-prep.  It is an amazing journey and will be one of your most incredible and memorable  life experiences.  It requires determination, motivation and a passion for the sport that is BodyBuilding.

I will guide you with personalized,  weekly, training sessions, nutrition and most importantly, mental coaching.  I will be with you 100% as I understand and have travelled  the road to the stage.  It isn’t easy, but with the right support and advice the journey will be streamlined, stress free and enjoyable, extremely emotional and never dull or boring. You will take your mind and your body to its outer limits and be amazed and proud of what you can achieve.

Everyone’s journey and Prep is unique and I am able to tailor-make a plan to suit your needs.  I will take the stress and doubt out of your hands so you can turn all your energy towards training, nutrition and of course, your everyday life.

I believe one of the most unique aspects of my comp-prep plans is Wellness Coaching.  Comp-prep is always a battle of mind over matter and I am very pleased to be able to incorporate this skill into your comp-prep. I am always available with a listening ear and constructive solutions to help keep you motivated and on track through the tough times.  

Post-Comp support is also included in all my programs as this is a time that has its own set of issues and  can be just as difficult  as the prep itself.   Training and Nutrition need to be carefully monitored to prevent extreme and unnecessary re-bounds and your Emotional well-being is extremely important to me at this time.  

(Prices and plans vary according to your needs. Please allow 16 – 24 weeks for complete Pre to Post-Comp Prep)


I have been teaching and practicing Mat Pilates and the Joseph Pilates Principals since 2005.   European trained and owner of Life-Flow Pilates Studio in Holland, I have had experience with Pilates for Strength and Conditioning, Pre and Post Natal,  Prevention and Re-habilitation  from injury’s and Pre and Post-Surgery to ensure a safe and quick recovery.

Equipment such as Small Balls, Swiss Balls, Resistance Bands and 1kg Dumbbells can be incorporated into the session to create resistance and add different dimensions, ensuring the session is never the same and is constantly challenging and improving your strength and condition.

Pilates Will help to improve your:  Posture, Flexibility, Strength, Endurance, Co-ordination, Balance, Circulation, Metabolism

Pilates is: Relaxing,  De-Stressing,  Energizing,  Pilates a unique and perfect training  for Mind,  Body and Spirit.







ELITE PERSONALISED NUTRTION & TRAINING - WEEKLY ONLINE CHECKINS/WEEKLY CALLS - ideal for Comp Prep/or if you have a deadline to achieve your goal

(all packages and services have a minimum 12 week contract period)