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I have been teaching and practicing Mat Pilates and the Joseph Pilates Principals since 2005.   European trained and owner of Life-Flow Pilates Studio in Holland, I have had experience with Pilates for Strength and Conditioning, Pre and Post Natal,  Prevention and Re-habilitation  from injury’s and Pre and Post-Surgery to ensure a safe and quick recovery.

Equipment such as Small Balls, Swiss Balls, Resistance Bands and 1kg Dumbbells can be incorporated into the session to create resistance and add different dimensions, ensuring the session is never the same and is constantly challenging and improving your strength and condition.

Pilates Will help to improve your:  Posture, Flexibility, Strength, Endurance, Co-ordination, Balance, Circulation, Metabolism

Pilates is: Relaxing,  De-Stressing,  Energizing,  Pilates a unique and perfect training  for Mind,  Body and Spirit.